Zac O’ Yeah and Kjell Eriksson are great friends of mine, and great friends of each other. Both are Swedish authors, one based in Bangalore and the other based in Sweden. The two collaborated on a series of articles to promote their upcoming books in Sweden. And both their plots were based in Bangalore. Since Zac has made Bangalore his home for the last ten years, he has no problem relating to the city – in fact he can show me many places in Bangalore that I’

m not familiar with. Eriksson was new to the city. He came to Bangalore, stayed in a hotel, traveled around a bit and left after scouting for locations for his novel for some 15 days. But they got hold of me to get themselves photographed, in various parts of the city, in various nooks and crannies of street malls, markets, roads and bars. That, I confess, was fun.

I, however, didn’t know what Zac wanted in the first place. Zac was very gracious, and he told me everything he had in mind including all the ambiguous areas. I suspected that most of it was deliberately ambiguous. Something emerged from that, even though we had to shoot for several days to finally get what we wanted. But the effort was worth it. Despite the ambiguities, Zac seemed to have some idea of what the outcome should be, even though he didn’t quite know how to achieve it. He wanted the authors to look around, make observations, be separate, and not be together –

sometimes, but not always, be together. With this in mind, I held the camera.

Four pictures were selected by the Ordfront Publishing House in Sweden to be published in various magazines. Rumour has it that one of the pictures might even find its way into Zac’

s next novel.

But let’s see…

-Raghav Shreyas (2004)